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Unlock the Potential of Your Gold: Invest and Earn with Digital Gold Leasing on Spare8

Gone are the days of bulky gold bars and the constant worry of theft. Digital gold has emerged as a revolutionary way for young investors to step into the exciting world of gold ownership. It’s convenient and secure and lets you participate in this timeless asset class with just a few taps on your phone. But did you know your digital gold can do even more? Let us find out what makes digital gold a good investment!

Seamless Gold Ownership with Digital Gullak

Spare8 takes the concept of digital gold a step further, offering a secure and user-friendly platform that functions like your very own digital gullak (piggy bank). Forget the complexities of physical gold—with Spare8, you can invest in real-time, starting with as low as Rs. 10. This makes digital gold a good investment, accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Plus, your gold is safely stored in insured vaults.

Boost Your Portfolio with Gold Leasing

Imagine your gold sitting idle while you could be earning returns on it. That’s the magic of digital gold leasing. This feature lets you lease your gold holdings to trusted jewellers for a fixed tenure. In return, you receive a handsome interest, typically ranging up to 16% per annum! It’s like earning interest on a deposit but with the potential for much higher returns. This way, your gold works for you, even when you’re not actively trading.

Effortless Leasing on Spare8

Leasing your gold on Spare8 is a breeze. The platform offers a step-by-step guide, allowing you to choose your leasing tenure with ease. You can start with as little as 0.5 grams of gold, making it perfect for beginners or those who want to test the waters. The returns are calculated on a per day basis and deposited to your digital gullak at the end of the month. It’s a completely transparent process, so you’re always in control making digital gold a good investment not to be passed up.

Why Choose Spare8?

Spare8 isn’t just another digital gold platform. We’re a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower your gold investment journey. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our app is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it perfect for young investors, even those with no prior experience.
  • Unmatched Security: We prioritise your peace of mind. Your gold is secured in Augmont Vaults, a trusted and independent custodian. Additionally, we employ bank-grade 256-bit encryption to safeguard your transactions.
  • Complete Transparency: Every transaction is clearly reflected in your app, ensuring complete visibility and control over your investments.
  • More Than Just Leasing: Spare8 goes beyond leasing. You can buy, sell, or even get your digital gold delivered in the form of beautiful jewellery or collectable coins.

Looking to diversify your portfolio and earn competitive returns? Spare8 is your key. Download the app and unlock the potential of your gold!

P.S. While Android users get the exclusive benefit of round-up savings, rest assured that iPhone users enjoy all the core functionalities of the app, making Spare8 an excellent choice for everyone.